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Prior to founding CCC in 2016, Melanie worked in the entertainment industry for over 12 years; booking clients, working with celebrities, producing high profile shows, concerts and events for live show audiences.
    Having planned over 120 weddings; she has experience working within any budget, being agile and working under pressure. There is certain expertise, flexibility and calmness that comes with producing and executing anything live, including a wedding. Melanie is the peace of mind you want on your wedding day. 

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Lead Planner 

Crystal has been with CCC from the beginning. Crystal specializes in Event Management Planning. Couples LOVE her and often at times are writing her a review while heading off to their honeymoon. She is super organized and will make sure your day is executed flawlessly. She is one of the sweetest and most compassionate people you'll ever meet. 
FUN FACTS about Crystal: She's a certified flight instructor (CFI) for instrument and multi-engine planes, loves to travel the world, is faithful and loves to read novels. From Indiana, teacher by day, family girl and mother to the cutest kids and puppy. 


Allison has been with CCC since March 2018. If you want all to be set-up straight and exactly as pictured, Allison is your homegirl. She pretty much shows up with a ruler to triple check everything. We love her positive attitude, attention to detail and compassion to make sure your wedding day is absolutely perfection! She is one of the most reliable people you'll ever meet. 
FUN FACTS about Allison: She's an advocate to end Alzheimer's. She loves the beach, music festivals and playing board games. You can find her relaxing outside with a cold drink in her hand, taking in the cool atmosphere around her and her boo.



Lori has been with CCC since November 2017. She is the Robin to Melanie's Batman. She is the most caring, funniest and coolest chick you'll ever meet. You can trust Lori to get all executed as planned. She looks ahead and catches any issues that may come up and handles them with grace and determination. She makes sure we're always staying on time and that everything is set-up as planned. 
FUN FACTS about Lori: Her calendar is always full with trips, events, concerts and working out. She's an advocate for causes that improve the lives of children, animals and the environment. She is a GATOR and the true quintessence of Sisterhood. 



Lead Planner

Kaitlin has been with CCC since December 2017. She joined the team with years of experience in creating, organizing and coordinating sporting and corporate events in the bay area. She is very organized and detailed. She treats everyone at the wedding as if they were her own family and gives everyone that VIP experience. She enjoys coming up with new designs and cocktails for your special day.
FUN FACTS about Kaitlin: She's an advocate to end Human Trafficking. She spends her spare time volunteering with Junior League of Tampa, working out, brunching with her besties and hosting her own Book Club. 

Lead Planner

Sydney has been with CCC since December 2017. Sydney is the most fun to have around. She has a great personality, is sociable, knows how to work a room and makes sure that everyone is treated as her own family. She always has her attention on the couple, making sure they are tended to and have a cocktail in hand. She has a caring heart and strives to make sure everyone is happy.
FUN FACTS about Sydney: she knows how to entertain; she knows all the new hot spots, best cocktails and brunch locations. She's a volunteer with the Junior League of Tampa, enjoys working out and is super crafty. She's a 'Dancing Queen' and has the best boomerangs in the business. 



Ally has been with CCC since January 2018. She is SUPER FUN and has an infectious personality. Ally joined the team with several years of wedding planning experience and knows what all needs to be done to make sure your day is executed flawlessly. She is the right hand woman you want on your special day. She is very organized, has an eye for design and fun to be around.
FUN FACTS about Ally: She is a workaholic, often has 2-3 jobs. She loves working out and spending time with her pups. She's an advocate for BeTheMatch, Alzheimer's Research and Relay for Life. She's a big BULLS fan and loves The Office and Parks & Rec.  

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