If I have a soulmate, other than my handsome hubby 😉 , it is Melanie!!! Her infectious personality, amazing sense of humor, and excitement for all things wedding made all my nerves and anxiety about the planning process melt away. I feel like the most common question you get while engaged is, ‘How is wedding planning going? Are you totally stressed?” and every time I was lucky enough to say “nope not at all! It is going great” and that is 100% because of Melanie and her amazing team. I did not make it easy on this girl and she delivered far beyond even my wildest dreams!! I had vague thoughts on the look and feel for the day but nothing I could really put my finger on. Melanie took my two or three comments and totally ran with them, creating the most amazing atmosphere for our wedding. She totally got what I meant when I said, “organized chaos” and “nothing too matchy matchy” to create an elegant and fun New Years Eve wedding. Now let me tell you, Melanie is one busy lady. Even though she had multiple weddings she was juggling, some even the same weekend as mine, I always felt like her #1 priority. She was so amazing to answer my questions and calm my fears all hours of the day. Melanie, we cannot even begin to thank you for being you, keeping us laughing, putting up with my moments of crazy, and creating the most memorable day for us! ~ Mr. and Mrs. Schlosser

From the start I knew Melanie and I were meant to be together 


All the things i love

besides my amazing life partner

    PUPPIES!!!! I'm a lover of all dogs    My favorite holiday is Meluary...It's a full month celebration that my husband looks forward to each year    Music is my life and concerts are my jam. I'll travel near and far to see my favorite artists play. You'll often hear me quote my favorite lyrics     I love to travel and my two favorite cities are Las Vegas (where we got married) and Savannah (where we celebrated our 1st Anniversary)     Family time is my favorite and love our themed game days       Romantic Comedies     The color Purple     Great friends and meaningful conversations     Espresso before Prosecco     My Therapist    Laughing until I cry      Dance-offs